Art Deco High Rise

The iconic Millennium Tower is the epitome of San Francisco luxury living.  With a building design that is nothing less than spectacular, unrivaled services and amenities, and panoramic views.  The most exquisite finishes and awe-inspiring views make this residence on the highest floor the ultimate lifestyle choice.  Was the tallest building in San Francisco to include residences when built in 2009.
David Kensington doesn't like his rooms to reveal their charms all at once, preferring to draw a visitor in and let things unfold. "Keep the layers happening quietly," he advises. In the library, a collaboration with Sutro Architects, black mohair-covered walls create an intimate vibe. Throughout the room Kensington added surprises: the pewter-and-white-gold-leaf covering on the ceiling reflects candlelight, and at one end of the room, a niche lined in mother of pearl glows and sparkles. Organic elements such as a horn displayed on a wall add interest. "I like finding the beauty in the sculptural essence of natural objects," he says.