Since childhood, David Kensington has been fascinated by great homes and the interplay of architecture, landscape and interior design. Before founding David Kensington & Associates in 2000, he worked in real estate and with other prestigious design firms extending his expertise in several related fields.

He describes his design practice as “empathic with a client’s wishes,” emphasizing that “I don’t try to force my taste a specific "look" on a project.” Often, his clients are referrals who have recently purchased a distinguished property that might benefit from an extensive remodel.

David’s strengths as a designer include pulling together and managing teams of excellent professionals with a collaborative approach. “In an era when many people think some skills are dead and gone, we have an amazing team of artisans we engage to create fine details, such as custom bronze railings for staircases or outdoor pieces.”

David is equally able to work in traditional, contemporary or eclectic blends of style by selecting, refining or recreating the best aspects of every era in art and design history. “My clients usually have strong ideas about their tastes and preferences, so I help guide them and educate them further in our collaborative efforts.” Some of his most compelling projects involve the seemingly effortless orchestration of elements from various centuries, frequently developing existing collections of art and antiques to add depth and interest to reconfigured and updated spaces.

Extensive travel in the US, Europe and South America continues to inspire his work, as well as continuing and expanding his contacts and resources across the globe. Among other associations, David participates in travel and study groups with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Classical Institute of Architecture and the Sir John Soane Museum.

Beyond seamless execution and a remarkably enjoyable process,David Kensington offers his clients the opportunity to live in a setting that reflects their unique personalities and achievements. Often, clients find themselves encouraged and inspired to renew their interests in history and the arts, enjoying a personalized setting that engages their senses and imagination.

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